About Us

Glorious Weddings & Events, LLC is a certified event planning, design, and coordination company based in Alexandria, Virginia, serving the greater DC / Maryland / Virginia area.  Our primary focus is you!  During the planning process, we strive to bring your vision to life, through careful planning and dynamite execution, and of course consultations with you along the way.  
We believe our motto says it all:"We strive to find the elegant solutions." 

Our Mission
Glorious Weddings & Events, LLC seeks to provide quality, customized planning and coordination culminating in a well-executed event. We are here to think through the details with you, streamline logistics, and anticipate your needs so that you can focus on your guests and fully embrace the day.  We want your event - whether a family gathering, birthday party, or wedding - to feel personal, relaxed, organized, and above all, reflect your style and vision for the day.

Our Values:
  • Personal: Events are all about the people. We believe a well-crafted event includes personal touches to express your style and personality.  
  • Customer Focused:  This is your day, your way.  
  • Listening to you:  We believe that excellent customer care is all about listening to you ... hearing what you want and need. 
  • Responsive and communicative:  We try to always respond to your messages and calls in a timely fashion.  
  • Genuine Enjoyment:   We believe if the hosts are having a great time, the guests do too.  A celebratory mood is contagious!    
About Us